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WashTimes: Bossie: Unhinged radicals are driving the Democrats' bus right off the cliff

The Biden administration is whistling past the graveyard trying to downplay the dire electoral straits Democrats find themselves in heading into 2022.  

With Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin winning in blue Virginia and liberal New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy barely managing to hang on against underdog Republican Jack Ciattarelli, the writing is on the wall for the radicalized Democrat Party to either pivot to the middle or make their prospects far worse by continuing to push their socialist agenda.

With the U.S. House’s passage of President Biden’s irresponsible multi-trillion-dollar budget reconciliation inflation bill, it appears they’re choosing the latter option at their peril.

To that point, the opening line from an ABC News analysis of their recent survey should command everyone’s full attention: “Republican congressional candidates currently hold their largest lead in midterm election vote preferences in ABC News/Washington Post polls dating back 40 years….”

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Fox News: Bossie: Biden's misery index makes Carter presidency seem like the good old days

Biden has ushered in another crisis of confidence, one further in reach and much more dangerous

The mood across the country is palpable. While it's a totally unfamiliar feeling to some, it's a feeling that many older Americans never wanted to have again. It's dreary and uncertain, like a system of dark clouds has parked itself over the country. 

I've been around long enough to remember the so-called misery index from the Jimmy Carter presidency during the late 1970s. At the time, the misery index was simply the rate of inflation added to the rate of unemployment. But to a country searching for its national identity and a return to peace and prosperity after the assassinations of the 1960s, Watergate and the Vietnam War, it meant much more than that.

Similar to today's gloomy headlines about the Consumer Price Index jumping 6.2% over the past year - its highest point in 30 years – and reports that a record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in September, it's just a sliver of the entire story.

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WashTimes: Bossie: Kamala Harris finally gets something right

A red wave is coming

Vice President Kamala Harris finally got something half right when she recently said on the campaign trail in Norfolk that "what happens in Virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on." Indeed, Ms. Harris was spot on in her assessment about the importance of the elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the outcome was crystal clear. Republicans won the races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General while also picking up seven seats in the House of Delegates on their way to capturing a 52 - 48 seat majority.

The brutal reality for Democrats today is that the ultimate takeaway from the 2021 elections is that throughout many regions of the country, in constituencies of all shapes, sizes and demographics, Republicans carried the day with common sense, America first, anti-critical race theory, pro-law and order, low tax, pro-competency message. Amid the Biden-caused crises and socialist insanity swirling around us, it’s no surprise that it worked like a charm.

In addition to the cataclysmic event for Democrats in Virginia, cable news banners stating that the governor's race in deep-blue New Jersey is still "too close to call" - days after the fact - is inflicting damage that will be long felt on the left. Even if incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy narrowly escapes a humiliating defeat by a few thousand votes, this overarching narrative will have already taken hold: People are disgusted with what President Joe Biden and the Democrats have done over the past ten months, and these election results make clear that President Donald J. Trump was right when he declared, "America will never be a socialist country."

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Fox News: David Bossie: Virginia just says no to Biden's socialist agenda

It was a horrible, horrible night for Joe Biden and his band of socialist Democrats. That’s the only way to describe the shellacking Democrats took in every competitive race in the country last night. 

The significance of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race over heavily favored Democrat Terry McAuliffe cannot be overstated. And a yet-to-be-called nail-biter at the top of the ticket in New Jersey is sending shockwaves throughout the Democrat Party.  

When the general election campaign began in Virginia five short months ago, few gave Youngkin a shot in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican chief executive since 2009.  But 12 long years later, it was all Youngkin, who finished strong with the backing of a highly energized Republican base of support that made the big turnaround in Virginia a reality with a 50.7% to 48.6% victory.  

Just four years ago, Democrat Ralph Northam defeated well-regarded Republican Ed Gillespie 54% to 45% and Virginia looked like a lost cause for the GOP.  

Furthermore, the shocking results in the governor’s race in deep blue New Jersey put an exclamation point on the Democrats’ disastrous night. Incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli are currently deadlocked in a race that’s still far too close to call in a state Joe Biden won by 16 points last November.  

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Fox News: David Bossie: Youngkin vs. McAuliffe in Virginia – governor's race will set course for Biden, 2022 midterms

All eyes are on Virginia as America awaits the results of Tuesday's gubernatorial election

All eyes are on Virginia as America awaits the results of Tuesday's highly anticipated gubernatorial election. Virginia's off-year elections are an early bellwether for a president's first-year job performance and the 2021 vote in the Old Dominion will have major implications for the 2022 midterm elections and beyond.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with the controversial 2020 presidential election still fresh in our minds and the country more bitterly divided than ever, the contest between former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican political newcomer Glenn Youngkin has all the markings of an enormously consequential election.

And over the past month, the race has tightened significantly, to the point that many polls are finding the race deadlocked. According to Real Clear Politics, the most recent average of polls has Youngkin at 48.2% and McAuliffe at 47.3%. You can't get much closer than that.

We've learned a lot over the past few months about the mood of the country as we've simultaneously observed the general election campaign unfold in Virginia while President Joe Biden rolled out his radical socialist agenda. On the eve of Election Day in Virginia, here are some major takeaways.

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WashTimes: What Democrats’ House retirements mean for 2022 election

Biden campaigned on 'unity' and 'normalcy' but has delivered just the opposite

The all-important 2022 midterm elections are just over a year away, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Socialism and President Joe Biden’s radical left-wing agenda are on the ballot, and what kind of country we hand off to our children and grandchildren will be tested.

Radical House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a razor-thin 222 to 213 majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, so there’s literally no room for error for the Democrats. Republicans need a net pickup of just five seats to reach the magic number of 218 seats to take back the majority in the House.

There’s no question that to maintain control of Congress next year, the radicalized Democrats in the House will have to make a dramatic move to the center, and even that may not save them. Consider the headwinds that Mrs. Pelosi and company are currently facing. First and foremost, the party in power almost always loses House seats in a president’s first midterm election. Republicans lost 26 House seats in President Ronald Reagan’s first midterm in 1982; Democrats lost 54 House seats in President Bill Clinton’s first midterm in 1994, and Democrats lost a whopping 63 House seats in 2010 in President Barack Obama’s first midterm.

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Fox News: David Bossie: Biden-Fauci COVID surprise coming? Sinking poll numbers, crises may bring course correction

The arrogant Biden brain trust is running out of options

With all of the Biden-created crises worsening by the day, the president’s radical agenda stalled in Congress, and more daunting problems coming on the radar with no end in sight, Americans are facing a crisis of confidence not felt since the depressing days of stagflation and the Iranian hostage crisis during the administration of President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and 1980.

The unforeseen consequences of vaccine mandates are continuing to backfire by causing more pain across the country with airline and hospital worker shortages; supply chain disruptions are causing enormous economic concern; the prices of oil, gasoline and groceries are all on the rise; and the Virginia governor’s race is on the verge of getting away from the Democrats. Joe Biden needs to make an abrupt change double quick.

Biden’s border crisis, Biden’s crime crisis, Biden’s inflation crisis and Biden’s Afghanistan crisis – while still ongoing disasters – are getting pushed out of the headlines because the mainstream media fully supports the Biden administration and frankly, it’s getting impossible to cover it all. And, set aside for a moment the slow-moving train wreck that is the Hunter Biden conflict of interest saga.

The White House must be a very difficult place to work in these days because the arrogant Biden brain trust is running out of options. Questions like "how did it get so bad so quickly" and "what can we do to stop the bleeding" are getting hard to answer.

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Fox News: David Bossie: Inflation, supply chain are 'high class problems'? Biden, Dems are irresponsible and tone deaf

High gas prices are not high class problems. Super expensive groceries are not high class problems.  The specter of Christmas toy shortages and not enough Halloween costumes on the shelves or Thanksgiving turkeys on the table are not high class problems. 

As a matter of fact, higher prices hit working families in America the hardest. Everyone knows this. So what in the world was Klain thinking?

In previous administrations, under normal circumstances, a functioning press corps would have been pressuring Klain to resign or at very least come out to the White House podium to say that he made a huge mistake. But in Joe Biden’s Washington, there is no accountability and bad behavior is brushed aside and ignored by the mainstream media to the detriment of the American people.

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WashTimes: Bossie: Biden's woke, socialist garbage is a bad fit for America

Americans didn't sign up for radical change

The radical Biden agenda is falling apart on all fronts. To date, President Joe Biden has created a border crisis, a crime crisis, an inflation crisis, an Afghanistan crisis, and a vaccine mandate crisis. Since taking office, the American people have witnessed a steady drumbeat of unprecedented policy failures due to this president's weak leadership and bad decisions.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, Mr. Biden's dangerous federal takeover of elections legislation is all but dead, his infrastructure bill is being held hostage by the fringe left, and his multi-trillion socialist wish list - also known as budget reconciliation - is being decimated.

This entire unfolding catastrophe is of Mr. Biden's own making. The plain truth is Mr. Biden is in serious political trouble because he keeps trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. Socialism and the radical left's warped vision to fundamentally transform our country versus our Constitutional Republic and the American people who cherish limited government and freedom.

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WashTimes: Bossie: Once heroes, hospital workers now villains for refusing vaccine

Mandates have caused a hospital worker shortage

Another day and another crisis created by President Joe Biden. The latest crisis has come as a result of Mr. Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandate. In the name of "fighting" COVID-19, Mr. Biden has decided to impose forced vaccines on the American people, which has caused a hospital worker shortage. You read that right; Mr. Biden's order will make it more difficult for those who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 to receive the care they urgently need. This is the upside world we find ourselves living in. This is Joe Biden's America.

In reality, Mr. Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the rest of the power-hungry overlords in the West Wing are seeking total control of our lives in the name of COVID-19 mitigation, and the American people are finally saying no more. Americans who don't want the government controlling what they put into their bodies have simply had enough. Mr. Biden's anti-individual liberty approach is causing organic anti-vaccine mandate coalitions to form around the country made up of Americans from all walks of life and across the political spectrum.

Mr. Biden's forced vaccine flip-flip - he was once against the heavy-handed tactic - has created an enormous political problem for Democrats. Americans against vaccine mandates aren't just Trump voters or conservatives or Republicans. Many Democrats, Independents - and Black Lives Matter - are also against the government's intrusion into our personal medical decisions.

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